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St John's Church, Crossens History

In 1860 Crossens became a Parish, the Church of St John’s, Crossens was designed in a mock-Gothic style and is the second on the present site. St John's Church was consecrated in 1885 and celebrated its Centenary in 1985. The Church is now a grade 2 listed building. In 1991 the Church was reroofed and re-decorated internally in 1993. Durning the bell towers restoration in 1997, the bells were rehung and the bell frame was retied. In 2008 the tower was reroofed. The church was reordered in 2010 when the Mumford Room, complete with a toilet and kitchen.

St John's Church has its own Yard where burials and the interment of Ashes still take place. The Scarisbrick Mausoleum stands in the South frontage of the Yard and is a listed building. At the front of the Yard is a dedicated War Memorial to the fallen of the Parish.

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