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St John's Church, Crossens

A warm welcome to St John's website

At St John's we offer a warm welcome to all.  We consider ourselves to be family friendly bunch.

We are open for Holy Communion with occasional Morning Prayer on Sunday from 10am and Morning Prayer with occasional Holy Communion on Wednesday from 10am. We look forward to welcoming everyone!


In the meantime, please check out our Magazines and Resources for links to online services from Rev Les Thomas.


Welcome to St John's

We would love to welcome you to our church, which is the main focal point in the village of Crossens.

A Letter from Kenneth Wallbank

Come Rain or Shine….

At the time of writing, it is a beautiful day, with blue skies and lots of spring sunshine, providing a tantalising hope of warm summer days ahead. Although, given the vagaries of our English weather, the more likely scenario is that by the time you read this - it will be raining again!

Whenever the sun does put in an appearance at this time of year, I am instantly transported back to my school days and the memory of the morning sunlight streaming in through the indies of the assembly hall and our young voices united in singing Bishop William Walsham How’s lovely hymn from 1871 -

“Summer suns are glowing over land and sea,

Happy light is flowing, bountiful and free.

Everything rejoices in the mellow rays,

All earths’s thousand voices swell the psalm of praise.”

Even its beautiful tune “Ruth,” exudes warmth and radiance, so much that you can almost feel the “mellow rays” of summer sunshine warming your face!

It’s a hymn that we seldom sing today, maybe because it is so redolent of long hot summers, that we don’t often get the chance - as it isn’t quite the same with rain hammering on the window!

However, this hymn still has much to say to us, but in the interests of brevity and available space, let’s look at the second verse, for it gives us much to ponder on and something positive to take with us into the month ahead.

“God's free mercy streameth over all the world,

And His banner gleameth, everywhere unfurled;

Broad and deep and glorious as the heaven above,

Shines in might victorious,

His eternal love.”

God’s mercy is His pity, kindness and compassion towards his people, who don’t deserve it. It is God’s patience in withholding immediate judgement upon us - even though we do deserve that!

Mercy is at the very essence of God’s nature - as we say in the Prayer of Humble Access at the communion service “But Thou art the same Lord, whose nature is always to have mercy…”

God’s wrath and God’s mercy met at Calvary, and through the Cross, our lives can be transformed.

In the Old Testament, the Mercy Seat was the golden lid covering the Ark of the Covenant. It was the place where God would meet with the High Priest on Israel’s behalf (Exodus 25:19-22.) and the only means by which this meeting was possible, was through the blood of the spotless lamb.

Paul also writes about this in Romans 3:25; the Greek word for Mercy Seat is usually translated as “propitiation” or as in the NIV “sacrifice of atonement.” Jesus has become our “Mercy Seat,” the place where God and sinners can meet and be reconciled.

And what about that “gleaming banner?”

Again, in Exodus 17:15 following the defeat of the Amelekites, Moses raised an altar to the Lord and called it “Jehovah Nissi - The Lord, Our Banner.”

In the Song of Songs 2:4 we can learn a little more about God’s banner, as the beloved says “He has brought me into his banqueting house and His banner over me was love.”

Divine mercy and love, confirmed and consolidated through the victory of the Cross, has flooded into every corner of our sinful world.

There is nowhere that God’s love and mercy cannot reach. There is no heart that cannot be opened and changed by redeeming, victorious love.

Unlike the summer sunshine, it is 100% constant and amid the continuing cost of living crisis and rising prices, it remains free!

Now isn’t that good news - whatever the weather!

Kenneth Wallbank

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10am Holy Communion with occasional Morning Prayer


10am Morning Prayer with occasional Holy Communion


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